Dimeji Onafuwa

Dimeji Onafuwa

Design-Enabled Communities

PhD in Design


Dimeji's experience in design, research and consulting spans over a decade. 

At CMU, his research in the field of social design focuses on design’s impact on initializing maintaining and contributing to a commons by exploring how collaboration around tenancy as common property may amplify community strength in ways that contribute to societal transition to sustainable futures.

Secondary questions his research asks include:

What are there benefits or costs to contributing to a commons or commons-based peer-to-peer network?

What are the implications of a participant leaving a commons?

Where is recommonsing situated theoretically and practically, and

What is the agency of the designer/practitioner in situating the commons?

Dimeji is also a researcher on a joint funded research project with Human Computer Interaction Institute that explores multi-stakeholder interactions around tenant/landlord decision making, and finds pre-existing community in renters.

His experience as the chairman of a community development corporation as well as several trips to communities in sub-saharan Africa sparked interest in the space where digital and physical communities overlap and the implications on transition design. He recently completed an Applied Innovation Fellowship (an 18-month experiential and research opportunity in the field of social entrepreneurship and design in community development) awarded by GTECH Strategies.

Beyond design, Dimeji is a figurative artist with gallery representation.