Kaleb Crawford

Kaleb Sage Crawford

Sophomore Communication Designer



I’m Kaleb Crawford, a senior Communication Design major studying at Carnegie Mellon University. Since the 5th grade when I purchased my first laptop, I’ve been fascinated by the internet. The internet taught me how to tie a tie. The internet taught me how to kiss a girl. The internet taught me the importance of design. I grew up on the internet and I’ve never left it.

I’ve carried my passion for digital media throughout my education and developed a sensitivity to how design frames the wealth of information we encounter on a daily basis. Now I contribute to helping shape that information through design. My work is about leveraging the potential for communication to empower people. Whether that empowerment takes the form of emotional inspiration, making information available, or creating shared experiences, design is ultimately a tool for improving the lives of others.

I’ve worked in a variety of media including digital, print, and video, and I am always happy to explore new channels of communication. Through design, I’d like to help develop ways to spread valuable information to those who need it most. I’d like to support digital media as a platform for creativity and self expression. Most of all, I’d like to harness the interconnectivity of the internet to engender empathy for others and create positive social change through narrative.