Tiffany Jiang

Tiffany Jiang

My motto has always been to move fast and break things.

I'm somewhere on the spectrum between designer and hacker. Great things come out of engineers and designers working together, even if it means not always seeing eye to eye on things. I would not thrive in a workplace that labels teams as so black and white. As a people person who appreciates more than just visual design, I work best in collaborative, creative spaces for interdisciplinary thinkers. 

A sophomore at Carnegie Mellon, I'm pursuing a double major in Design and Human Computer Interaction. Rapid prototyping, whether it's on paper or within a digital environment, is probably one of my favorite things about the design process. I aspire to craft seamless user experiences and intuitive interfaces for web and mobile applications that have the ability to reach a global-scale audience. 

In my free time, you can catch me at the gym, the local concert venue, at my studio desk sketching footwear designs or tinkering with code. 

Curious about my work? Visit my portfolio website.