Faculty Publications

We're proud that the School of Design’s faculty and students continuously contribute to a growing body of knowledge in the design disciplines and in complementary subjects like human-computer interface, healthcare, and transportation.

[Titles and links should be updated to reflect work by current faculty only, and to point consistently to one or two places (Amazon for books that can be purchased, publication source for articles where book can't be found on Amazon). Some links are currently broken or point to outdated/archived pages.]


  • Universal Methods of Design
    Bruce Hanington

  • From Milltown to Malltown
    Charlee Brodsky

  • I Thought I Could Fly
    Charlee Brodsky

  • Design Research through Practice
    John Zimmerman

  • Drawing Ideas: Hand-Drawn Approach for Better Design
    Mark Baskinger

Book Chapters

  • Handbook of Social Network Technologies and Applications
    Aisling Kelliher

  • Design Ecologies
    Cameron Tonkinwise

  • The Connected Home: The Future of Domestic Life
    John Zimmerman

  • Beyond Barbie & Mortal Kombat
    Kristin Hughes

  • Creative Workshop
    Mark Baskinger

  • Designing Inclusive Futures
    Mark Baskinger and Bruce Hanington

  • Grow Small, Think Beautiful
    Terry Irwin

  • The Business of Sustainability
    Terry Irwin

  • Encyclopedia of Multimedia
    Thanassis Rikakis