Mackenzie Dunn

Mackenzie Dunn

Communication Design

Hello world, my name is Mackenzie. I am a communication designer with an interest in branding, visual design, experience design and service design. Everyday I learn more about the world I live in and how design effects it and I cannot wait to be a part of it. I have many other design skills that I enjoy including design research, systems design, transition design and social impact. I frequently try to take a human-centered approach. No solution should ever be the same. 

Along with my passion for design, I am also interested in Psychology. I have learned to understand how people think and how others approach problems daily. As I have pursued it as a minor, I have researched many different types of topics related to behavior change and positive reinforcement which I encorporate into my design experiences.

I would describe myself as quirky, curious, thoughtful and supportive. In my spare time I watch documentary films, find restaurants, add to my Pinterest boards and spend time with friends.

You can find more samples of my work at Thank you!